Jost's Plus Series Diesel Forklift

JFDH, Plus Series 2 to 3.5t Internal Combustion Forklifts..

Jost’s diesel forklift trucks of various capacities caters to a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Jost’s state – of – the – art diesel trucks enable precise operation and optimum productivity combined with low fuel consumption by means of their electronic control systems. These forklift trucks are well tuned to perform medium to long distance operations and they also ensure smooth, shock-free handling of load.

The large capacity industrial engines generate high torque even at low speeds, giving the benefit of low fuel consumption and low noise. The robust engines are specially designed for use in forklift trucks, ensuring high reliability and long service life even for toughest applications. The diesel forklifts are specially designed keeping the operator comfort in mind. It provides safety and ensures relaxed and concentrated operation – the best prerequisite for high productivity throughout the shift.

Various attachments and accessories to cater to different applications or customer requirements are optionally available.

Jost’s Diesel Forklifts comprises of following range:-

  • JFD 20 -Diesel operated forklift truck forklift truck with 2000 kg capacity and 6.0 meter lift height.
  • JFD 25 -Diesel operated forklift truck forklift truck with 2500 kg capacity and 6.0 meter lift height.
  • JFB 30 -Diesel operated forklift truck forklift truck with 3000 kg capacity and 6.0 meter lift height.
  • JFD 35 -Diesel operated forklift truck forklift truck with 3500 kg capacity and 6.0 meter lift height.

Product Features :-

  • Ergonomically designed operator’s area with ample leg room and adjustable steering for relaxed operation.
  • Reliable LCD digital instrument, friendly interface, easy and accurate for driver to control the vehicle state.
  • Ergonomic steering wheel adjustment mechanism, improve operate comfort and adjustment reliability.
  • Wide view mast design makes the driver’s field of vision more broad.
  • High-top large diameter intake system is designed to allow the engine to keep out dust, effectively enhance engine performance and increase life expectancy.
  • High Travel speed with better gradibility operations.
  • Robust and rigid canopy protects the operator against external hazards.
  • Reliable casting steering axle and low cost in maintenance.
  • Simple, generous and strictly environmental designed.